What is Cloud Based Testing? and its types in English Article

Cloud-Based Testing:~ 

Cloud based testing utilities cloud-based tools to emulate real world. Environments and user traffic. It can be applied for testing cloud,web and installed applications Providers of cloud testing. Services and tools offer test environments. That can be configured according to the application requirements. 

                Cloud technology has given rise to testing as a service (TaaS) which allows organisation to out source their testing efforts. 

Types of Cloud Testing;~~ 

The following order may be helpful for testers in getting ready to use Cloud – based Testing tools;- 

1. Set clear objectives. 

2. Create testing strategy.

3. Plan the infrastructure. 

4. Select a reliable provider. 

5. Determine service access. 

6. Use free trials. 

7. Monitor and analyse test results. 

In cloud environment,any application can be subjected to three types of testing: 

(A). Functional.

(B). Non – Functional.

(C). ability.

(A). Functional testing;~ 

This ensures that the software meets functional requirements, which can be of three types;- 

1. System testing that analysis the systems behaviour and design,and how it meets the costumer’s expectations. 

2. Acceptance testing that ensures whether the application meets certain needs of its user’s.

3.  Integration testing that proves that the application is compatible with different platforms and works well which moving from one Cloud infrastructure to other. 

(B). Non-Functional testing;- 

​​​​ This allows checking software such as it’s performance, usability and reliability. This can be done at three levels. 

1. Business requirements testing that verifies how precisely an application meets the specified business requirements. 

 2.Security  testing to ensure that data is stored and transmitted safely. 

3. Scalability and performance testing to measure software response time while the system is subjected to increasing load. 

(C). Ability Testing;~ 

This verifies whether users really receive applications services on demand. To check this, the test team can conduct the following types of testing; 

1.  Compatibility and interoperability testing to evaluate the applications compatibility with various environments and platforms. 

2.. Disaster recovery testing to evaluate disaster recovery time and ensure that the application becomes available to users again with minimum data tools. 

3. Multitenancy testing to verify whether the application can ensure a sufficient level of security and access control when multiple users invoke  it in the cloud.

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