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The Difference Between Using Proxy Server And VPN

In this era of globalization, it is important to get the latest information or Update. In this time people must know what internet is as almost every person computer or gadget, using internet to search for some information or something new. For example, looking for software, game through internet. But sometimes, there are some websites that cannot be opened as they have Internet Positive notification. To solve that problem, hacker found the solution by creating Proxy Server or VPN. In this time internet is very modern and very easy to access and there are a lot of Proxy Server and VPN that can be easily used.

These days, Internet technology is more developed and internet speed becomes faster, so that the internet can be used by everybody and can be accessed easily. Now, more than 160 countries know internet and use internet. The requirements are, the user must have gadget and connection to use internet. But only with internet, browsing itself is less comfortable, because there are some blocked websites. Because of that the writer will Explain about Proxy Server and VPN, because that thing is very important for internet user. Moreover, proxy dan VPN can unblock the blocked website and also can increase the browsing speed.

Even Proxy Server is integrated with Firewall Server, although both of them work at different layer. Firewall functions to protect the local network from the interference that comes from the outside network, while proxy server work at application layer. Usually Firewall already adds on routers to filter a package that passes from connected networks. Now, we go to Proxy Server and VPN discussion

Proxy Server

Proxy Server can be understood as a third party that stands between two parties connected to each other and functions as a Middleman. So, the first party and second party are connected indirectly by, the Middleman, called proxy. The first party is Client Application and the second party is Server Application. Client Application and Server Application are not only one, but there are many. For example Client Application are web browser, FTP, etc, and Server Application are web server, FTP, etc. What is Proxy Server and Web Proxy ? Proxy Server is a server that can be used to handle or monitor a traffic data that are still operating.

Web Proxy

Web Proxy is a website that hides IP Address, because of that user IP Address cannot be detected because the IP is already hidden by the proxy. Web Proxy also has another function, like saving bandwidth and increasing browsing speed. There are two types of Web Proxy, they are:

  1. Nontransparent Web Proxy
  2. Transparent Web Proxy

Nontransparent Web Proxy does not increase internet speed, it even decreases the internet speed. But Nontransparent Web Proxy can block or hide the user IP Address, so that the IP Address user cannot be detected by a server. Transparent Web Proxy can increase the speed to access some websites, but Transparent Web Proxy cannot hide the user IP Address, so user IP Address can be detected by the server.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. VPN is a connection Between one network with another network privately. Because the connection is private,the data the user sends will be kept safe and secret although they are sent through public connection. To use VPN, the step is very easy, just open an existing VPN website. For example, Vpnbook, SurfEasy VPN,etc

Benefits of Virtual Private Network

VPN have three main functions, they are :

  1. Remote Access
  2. Security
  3. Saving cost of network setup

Advantages and Disadvantages of

Advantages :

  1. Hide IP Address
  2. Unblock the Blocked site/website
  3. Easy to change IP
  4. Increase the internet speed

Disadvantages :

  1. Internet connection cannot be
  2. It is vulnerable to be hacked, because
    VPN works in public channel
  3. It requires cost, because some VPNs
    require transaction to become a

The development of technology is very fast. First, internet can be used for Military needs. Because technology always evolves and internet speed is faster, now internet can be used by everyone. But using internet is not free, to use internet user must have a gadget and internet connection. It is not free but with minimum cost, user can access the internet.

With internet, user can search any information easily, but internet is not enough, because there are a lot of blocked website / site, and also slow internet speed to access some websites / sites. Because of that a proxy or VPN is created to unblock the blocked site/website, and also increases speed to access some websites / sites. Another thing is proxy and VPN can hide user IP Address.

But using proxy or VPN is relative, depends on the IP that user uses. But the point is VPN is better than proxy, because VPN increases internet speed better than proxy, and also using VPN is easier then Using proxy. Moreover, by using VPN, all online activity cannot be seen by ISP (Internet Service Provider)

5 Best Free Proxy Servers To Visit Sites Anonymously In 2020

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  • Nord Vpn
  • Kproxy
  • HideMyAss
  • Hidester

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